Our Clients


One of the difficulties in evaluating the abilities of technology consulting companies is their actual technical skills. Rendlen recognizes this and maintains rigorous standards for our staff to fulfill in order to earn your confidence. We require all of our staff to maintain relevant certifications from leading hardware and software manufacturers.

Rendlen is a Microsoft Certified Partner. This means that we must have on staff a number of Microsoft Certified Professionals and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers. Standards for certification indicate a proven record in implementing Microsoft Solutions. Rendlen has both Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers (MCSE) and Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCP) on staff. We are certified in all operating systems and BackOffice products.

In addition to our premier Microsoft certification, we are certified by Comptia A+,Vmware, Citrix, IBM, Watchguard, Sonicwall, Cisco, APC, VERITAS and Hewlett Packard. These certifications ensure that you receive professional capabilities to help you meet your goals.

Our Industry Focuses

Rendlen Systems manages networks for customers from many and diverse industries. Rendlen has multiple clients in each of the following categories:

  • Security & Commodities Brokers

  • Financial Services, Mortgage lenders,and Real Estate

  • Accounting firms

  • Insurance

  • Manufacturing

  • Non Profit Foundations and Associations

  • Temporary staffing and employment agencies

  • Medical and Dental offices

  • Architects and Engineers

  • Legal

  • Construction

  • Advertising

  • Communications

  • Transportation

Customer Location

Except for some Application Development projects that sometimes have less to do with location than expertise, Rendlen focuses on customers that are within about 25 miles of operating location closer proximity allows Rendlen to better manage customer relationships and the underlying technical needs with closer proximity. Our Senior Network Consultants and our Help Desk do provide fast break/fix services for the inevitable unforeseen problems however, Rendlen goal is to manage computer network systems, not react to them. Regardless, the closer Rendlen can be to its customers, the more successful we have been at establishing long-lasting, value-creating relationships.

Customer Sizes

One factor in Rendlen's ability to be successful at providing a high-level of service to its customers is focus. Part of Rendlen's focus is on the size of its customers. Although companies large and small generally have similar categories of needs, problems, vulnerabilities, and core computing needs; depending upon the size of the firm, there may be vast differences in the solutions used to be effective. It has been the focus of Rendlen to define this size and continue to build upon expertise within this size demographic. Rendlen's experience is in the small and mid sized business market. There are countless ways to define what exactly constitutes a small and/or mid sized business. Rendlen uses device count (the cumulative number of servers, laptops, desktops to define this demographic) to define the customer size. Although there are other factors that may affect our ability to build successful relationships with companies outside our simple equation of device count, Rendlen’s most successful relationships are with firms that have between 10 and 200 devices.

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